Gold Buckle Champions… to further the education of equine health and safety while preserving our western heritage and history by means of promoting equine events incorporating the youth and community.
Demanding excellence within ourselves while helping to ensure the longevity of our western heritage; through school assemblies, educational clinics, and community projects. Encouraging everyone to find the champion within themselves.  

Corporations and businesses of the 1800's had different challenges that what we face today.  They did not have the social media and internet to spread the word, but the goals have always been the same.  Win over loyal customers.

In the 1800’s, every large ranch was required to put on either a Rodeo or a "Cutting" and invite out the entire community.  This was mostly so that everyone had a chance to inspect their herds to make sure they did not accidentally gather anything that didn't belong to them.  They were also  grand social events, some say the original networking events, and nothing from that has changed much today.  The ranchers gathered, there was a competition and the families shared their stories and wares from the last gathering.  They revealed crafts, sold wares, exchanged recipes, but most of all, they shared laughter.  They worked side by side, with a barn building philosophy, to teach and guide their children and develop a strong community. From this we have seen many  “Legends” in the industries that give us inspiration to keep this culture alive for the next generation.

With technology and advancement we no longer run herds together, and most of the gathering and sorting is done with pickup trucks and squeeze chutes, but the social  heart of where these events began, lives on in all of the people involved, and it is so strong that it will live on for many more generations to come.

Gold Buckle Champions has learned much from our western heritage about building communities and events.  Our signature event "Taste of Adventures" combines all senses of Adventure into one family oriented event.  You will find something for your taste buds,  something for the adventure of your souls palate, and a little something to feed your imagination.

If you represent a corporation, and you are on this page, you already know that you are reaching the largest demographic in the world.  You are reaching parents of children who are trying to make a difference.  Most importantly you are reaching mothers who are decision makers and are involved in their community.  By being visibly involved with Gold Buckle Champions, you will become a Champion to your customers and develop a loyal customer base.

Depending on your level of involvement you can be the Champion of one spectacular event that focus on exactly what you are promoting, or you can be the Legend, as a partner in all our events.

We know you are busy, and we don't want to waste your valuable time.  Please drop us a note and let us know that you would like to be known as a Legend in your community, and we will show you how.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations.  Without people like you, organizations like ours would not exist.

You have given hope to yet one more generation to experience the values of what made our country great.

Tax Deductible Donations can be mailed to:

Gold Buckle Champion
PO Box 70
Kuna, Idaho 83634

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