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ReDefined Real Estate's Give Back program exemplifies the company's commitment to community and social responsibility. Each year, the program orchestrates a series of charity events designed to support various causes and non-profit organizations. These events range from golf tournaments, to designer handbags, and bingo night, and silent auctions to community service days, where employees and volunteers come together to contribute their time and resources. The annual charity events are carefully selected to address a wide range of issues, including homelessness, education, environmental conservation, and health and wellness, ensuring that the impact of their efforts is both broad and meaningful. Through the Give Back program, ReDefined Real Estate not only strengthens its ties within the communities it serves but also fosters a culture of giving and compassion among its employees and stakeholders.

ReDefine Gives Back

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ReDefined Annual 
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June 20, 2024
2024 ReDefined Gives Back Annual Golf Tournament

We are so excited to announce that this year we have decided to make Idaho COBS our benefactor again!!! This is the first time we chose the same charity two years in a row. COBS is a fantastic local foundation doing great work for Idaho residents. Along with housing support for victims of human trafficking, they also provide trauma care and education. Come out, play, and have fun, all while donating to a cause that needs attention.

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ReDefine Gives Back

The ReDefined Real Estate Bingo Fundraiser is a hallmark event that showcases the organization's innovative approach to community engagement and philanthropy. This lively and entertaining evening brings together members of the community, real estate professionals, and philanthropists for a fun-filled night of bingo, with the dual aim of raising funds and awareness for a chosen cause. The event features a series of bingo games, each with its own set of prizes, ranging from luxury vacations to exclusive real estate services. The atmosphere is electric, filled with excitement and camaraderie, as participants vie for prizes while contributing to a meaningful cause. The proceeds from the event go directly to supporting initiatives aligned with ReDefined Real Estate's mission to make a positive impact in the community, such as affordable housing projects, educational programs, or environmental sustainability efforts. The Bingo Fundraiser not only represents a significant contribution to these causes but also reinforces ReDefined Real Estate's commitment to using its platform for social good.

The Designer Handbag Donation for Fundraiser event, hosted by ReDefined Real Estate, stands as a testament to the innovative and impactful ways the company engages with philanthropy and community support. This exclusive event invites participants to donate and bid on a curated selection of luxury designer handbags, turning fashion into a force for good. The allure of acquiring high-end fashion items, combined with the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause, draws a diverse crowd of fashion enthusiasts, philanthropists, and community members. Each handbag auctioned at the event represents not just a style statement but a pledge towards making a significant difference in the community. The funds raised through this event are earmarked for specific charitable projects, such as supporting local shelters, funding educational scholarships, or any number of ReDefined Real Estate's philanthropic endeavors. This elegant fusion of fashion and philanthropy not only raises substantial funds for vital causes but also highlights the power of community and generosity, reinforcing ReDefined Real Estate's commitment to giving back in style.

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