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Taste of Adventures was created by Gold Buckle Champion to help promote the communities in which our events were hosted. With this site, we can help visitors find local events, services, and locations to make their stays more enjoyable.  Our goal has grown to help all the communities grow a better nation.
After years of coordinating the Futurity for the Idaho Cutting Horse Association, and bringing community events into the show, we realized the need for connecting the communities with the events.
When American cowboys of the 1800’s ran cattle together on open ranges, they gathered each year to separate their herds from their neighbors.  This is what we call “Cutting”.  Naturally, when you bring a group of people working together it turns into a competition, and equine competitions are some of the best.   The Cutting and Rodeo heritages run strong and deep, and have for centuries.   In the 1800’s they were also  grand social events, some say the original networking events, and nothing much from that has changed today.
In years gone by, the ranchers gathered, there was a competition and the families shared their stories and wares from the last gathering.  They revealed crafts, sold wares, exchanged recipes, but most of all, they shared laughter.  They worked side by side to teach and guide their children and developed a strong community. From this we have seen many  “Legends” that gives us inspiration to keep these sports going and passing our heritage on to another generation.

The Art Of Building A Community

gold_buckleGold Buckle Champions… to further the education of equine health and safety while preserving our western heritage and history by means of promoting equine events incorporating the youth and community.
Demanding excellence within ourselves while helping to ensure the longevity of our western heritage through educational clinics, and community projects. Encouraging everyone to find the champion within themselves.  

The Art of “building” a community comes from the barn building philosophy of our forefathers.   We are dedicated to creating events that brings in the feel of the events of yesteryear and teaching our youth to take pride in their communities by participating in building them.
The “Art” of building a community comes from literally teaching our youth through art to help them to become problem solvers and think for themselves which is so important to their development.
dummy roping
During the brain’s early years, neural connections are being made at a rapid rate. Much of what young children do as play — singing, drawing, dancing — are natural forms of art. These activities engage all the senses and wire the brain for successful learning.
The arts also contribute to the education of young children by helping them realize the breadth of human experience, see the different ways humans express sentiments and convey meaning, and develop subtle and complex forms of thinking. Although the arts are often thought of as separate subjects, like chemistry or algebra, they really are a collection of skills and thought processes that transcend all areas of human engagement.
Western heritage in art comes from the teachings of a time where nothing was wasted. When clothes wore out, they were made into quilts, when the horses shed, the hair was woven into ropes, when things were broken they were disassembled and re-purposed.

Our Involvement in Youth and Community

Through “Art” we have taught western heritage and community involvement.  By the art projects we have reached the majority of the youth, not just a celebrated minority.  We have combined the private corporate sector with the youth, and also the community.
Our Stampede Festival horses allowed the youth to earn something for their community “school” by winning classroom makeovers while instilling confidence and creativity.  Reaffirming that they “do” make a difference in their community.
Our involvement with Peterson’s Stampede Dodge through western heritage symbolic events led to the creation of agriculture preservation and nutrition enhancement. A simple dummy roping contest expanded into multiple events with a Halloween pumpkin painting contest and a Thanksgiving recipe contest.  We helped to create the stimulation for art and the lost art of food preparation.
Our “Legends in the Making” program rewards the youth for positive behavior.  They receive points for doing things in their community to make it better.  They can use these points to buy scholarships, trips for teams, and to help other nonprofits.
Our goal is to bring the concept of people helping people to every corporation, every child,  and every community through creative conjunctions.
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