Youth Involvement

incorporating the youth and community

Gold Buckle Champion's signature event is " Legends in the Making"  a program designed for our youth ages 6-21 to reward them on a point system for deeds done in the community.  Once a year they can use the points they have gathered all year to buy at auction, items donated by the community, individuals and Gold Buckle Champion.

Gabrielle Sanborn Memorial 2021
2021 was a great year for our ICHA Youth Cutters.  We had a great turn out and amazing prizes and[...]
Gold Buckle Champion Western Heritage Art Project
The Art of Building a Community (Scroll to the bottom to buy horses) Gold Buckle Champion is excited to introduce[...]
Gabrielle Sanborn Scholarship Cutting
The Annual Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Scholarship Cutting takes place at the ICHA Spring Weekend Show in March, at the Idaho[...]
Gold Buckle Champion BBQ for Gem State Rodeo Association
Gold Buckle Champion, Idaho Cutting Horse Association, and Peterson Stampede Dodge are proud to host this event at the ICHA[...]
Elks Helldorado Western Exceptionals
It’s time for thundering hooves in downtown Las Vegas! Join us May 16-19 as we celebrate our Western Heritage Helldorado[...]
Gold Buckle Champions Western Exceptionals
Gold Buckle Champions is excited to announce it's first of five events planned for 2013, Western Exceptionals. This event will take[...]
Gold Buckle Champions Reaches Internationally!
The Idaho Tourism Association, with Nancy Richardson, reached a German documentary company and brought 6 teens from Germany to learn[...]
Dave Hack Custom Chaps Donated for ICHA/UCHA Youth Scholarship
ICHA / UCHA Youth Scholarship Program The Idaho Cutting Horse Association and the Utah Cutting Horse Association recognize that the[...]
A Resolution for 2011.... Inspiring the Champion in You
by Corey Fagan Gold Buckle Champion is welcoming in the New Year and ready to make a huge difference by[...]
Legends in the Making
When American cowboys of the 1800's ran cattle together on open ranges, they gathered each year to separate their herds[...]
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