June 20, 2016

2016 Western Heritage Art Contest Results


We want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this year's contest a rewarding and promising art contest for all students with a desire to expand their art academics.  The art submissions were delightful and very reflective of our Western Heritage - a sense of pride in craftsmanship and depiction of western culture.
We had 34 entries into our contest.  Our rules states that if a category did not have 7 or more entries we would combine them into other categories to make a better contest.  As such we had to eliminate all 3D entries as there were not enough for a category.
Categories that did have entries were painting, drawing and digital media.  Below are the results from those categories and the required combinations to make a complete category.
Congratulations to all of you.  You all displayed lots of talent and creative.  While not everyone's art was selected for awards, each of you are winners. You all did remarkable works and we encourage you all to paint, draw, photograph and create the art that you love.
Watch for the listings of where we will have the artwork available to view.  There will be a people's choice award also!

  • 2016 Art Contest

    Age Category 6-10
    NameAgeCategoryPointsPlacingArt Project
    Kiersten Quinn10Painting871st
    Best of Show
    Kiersten Quinn Cactus
    Joslyn Maurer7Drawing/Digital Media861st
    Reserve Best of Show
    Joslyn Maurer Skull
    Natalie Hertzer10Drawing/Digital Media752ndNatalie Hertzer Mountain Photo
    Joslyn Maurer7Drawing/Digital Media752ndJoslyn Maurer Tulips
    Tyler Kroft10Painting722ndTyler Kroft Pine Cone
    Rebekah Tutwiler10Drawing/Digital Media713rdRebekah Tutwiler Vanity Roses
    Briley Krug7Painting713rdBriley Krug Mountain Painting
    Tyler Kroft10Painting713rd
    People's Choice Award
    Ages 6-10
    Tyler Kroft Cowboy
  • 2016 Art Contest

    Age Category 11-14
    NameAgeCategoryPointsPlacingArt Project
    Emily Toll13Drawing/Digital Media821st
    Best of Show
    Emily Toll 1st place 11-14 year olds
    Destiny Quinn12Painting821st
    People's Choice
    Ages 11-14
    Destiny Quinn Eagle
    Emily Toll13Drawing/Digital Media822ndEmily Toll Tree
    Katelyn Renn11Painting802ndKatelyn Renn Farm
    Brooke Kropf11Painting763rdBrooke Kropf Cowboy Boots
    Bethany Tutwiler12Painting763rdBethany Tutwiler Wild and Free
    Tabitha Dittman11Drawing/Digital Media753rdTabitha Dittman Quail
  • 2016 Art Contest

    Age Category 15-18
    NameAgeCategoryPointsPlacingArt Project
    Kyle Kerr16Digital Media961st
    Best of Show
    Best of show 15-18 Kyle Kerr Western Heritage
    Maranda Paz16Digital Media922ndMaranda Paz Horse
    Bethany Steadman17Digital Media873rdBethany Steadman Boy on Fence
    Bethany Steadman17Digital Media873rdBethany Steadman Fence
    Noelle Wadsworth16Drawing/Painting841st
    Reserve Best in Show
    People's Choice
    Ages 15-18
    Noelle Wadworth Indian Girl
    Nick Gutierrez16Drawing/Painting812ndIMG_3781-copy
    Gracie Robey15Drawing/Painting713rdGracie Robey Cowboy
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