When American cowboys of the 1800’s ran cattle together on open ranges, they gathered each year to separate their herds from their neighbors. This is what we call “Cutting”. Naturally, when you bring a group of people working together it turns into a competition, and equine competitions are some of the best. The Cutting and Rodeo heritages run strong and deep, and have for centuries. In the 1800’s they were also a grand social events, some say the original networking events, and nothing much from that has changed today. The ranchers gathered, there was a competition and the families shared their stories and wares from the last gathering. They revealed crafts, sold wares, exchange recipes, but most of all, they shared laughter and ideas. They worked side by side to teach and guide their children and developed a strong community. From this we have seen many “Legends” in the equine industries that give us inspiration to keep these events going. With technology and advancement we no longer run herds together, and most of the gathering and sorting is done with pickup trucks and squeeze chutes, but the social heart of where these events began, lives on in all of the people involved, and it is so strong that it will live on for many more generations to come.

By our actions, we wish to demonstrate the legendary proceedings of the men and women, unafraid of hard work, who founded the west, and the lifestyle that gave them the courage it took to endure its hardships and lead them to a better life.

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Join Us in Making a Difference

Legends in the Making

Our signature event, Gold Buckle Champion’s – “Legends in the Making” challenges individuals of school age, ( 6-21) to make a difference in their community and to keep the spirit that made our forefathers and their legendary actions alive.

A point system is awarded based on a criteria set by the committee to award points during a specific time period. Points accumulated will be used at a live auction to buy prizes and scholarships donated by individuals, the community, foundations, and Gold Buckle Champion. They may also contain services provided by leaders in our community, such as a day with a Veterinarian, Doctor, or Business leader. The sky is the limit when coming up with ideas on what can be auctioned off. These are all attainable goals for participating youth who are learning to become outstanding community leaders as a team or by themselves. Children without extraordinary notoriety will have as much an opportunity to gain as many points as their counterparts, sometimes more.

Shining the Light

The majority of the kids are doing what is necessary every day to do positive things…but are never recognized. Most of the recognition goes to those who are either extremely gifted or have made poor choices. Everyone seeks recognition… good or bad.

Our goal is aimed at prevention rather than intervention. Shining the light on the kids doing the right things every day to make visible their leadership and to encourage others to follow their path.

How can I make a difference?

Youth Leading The Way

If you would like to learn how to make a difference in your community… or if you are already making a difference and what to show others your leadership abilities, click on the link below for and fill out the application.

We need you to succeed.
Legends in the Making Application

Businesses Leading The Way

As a business leader you are a great example of how our community is working to grow and be successful. Your natural ability to build and grow your business is well suited to help our "Legends in the Making".

We need you to lead the way!
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