September 4, 2020

2020 Gabrielle Sanborn Memorial Scholarship Cutting

2020 Proved to be another spectacular event. Despite all the turmoil that is plaguing the country, you would not have known by the turnout for the show and the smiles of everyone who attended.
Special Thank YOU to the Macdonald Family for the generous Scholarship Donations and Scootemnshootem Photography for the the photos.  Please visit Laurie at her website and FACEBOOK page

Winners for the scholarships this year were:

Clark, Gavin Sr. Youth 1st $ 500.00
Webster, Mia Sr. Youth 2nd $ 300.00
McCracken, Sam Sr. Youth 3rd $ 200.00
Showalter, Faith Jr. Youth 1st $ 500.00
Webster, Payton Jr. Youth 2nd $ 300.00
Webster, Nylah Jr. Youth 3rd $ 200.00

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