March 25, 2019

2019 Gabrielle Sanborn Scholarship ICHA Cutting

Thank you to everyone who made all of this possible!

Thank you Laurie Errington at scootemnshootem photography for the great photos!

Thank you Gina Macdonald and Bob Otey, Gabrielle's grandparents, for their devotion to this amazing scholarship program and keeping our youth grounded.

Sr. Youth
Mia Webster   1st Place
$500 Scholarship
Tice Hiner  2/3 Place Split
$250 Scholarship
Faith Jacobson   2/3 Place Split
$250 Scholarship

Jr. Youth
Faith Showalter 1st place
$500 Scholarship
Claire Sterling 2nd Place
$300 Scholarship
Ryan Elrod 3rd Place
$200 Scholarship

Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Memorial Scholarship Past Winners

NameYouth ClassPlacingAmountShowDate
Ream, TristaSr. Youth1st500.00Spring 20233/26/2023
Manning, AvaSr. Youth2/3 Split250.00Spring 20233/26/2023
Sterling, ClaireSr. Youth2/3 Split250.00Spring 20233/26/2023
Stoddard, BostonJr. Youth1st500.00Spring 20233/26/2023
Stoddard, TateJr. Youth2nd300.00Spring 20233/26/2023
Downs, HaydenJr. Youth3rd200.00Spring 20233/26/2023
Sherman, HenleeSr. Youth1 st$500.00Fall 20228/25/2022
Erenberg, LianaSr. Youth2 nd$300.00Fall 20228/25/2022
Glaser, TorreySr. Youth3 rd$200.00Fall 20228/25/2022
Rhyner, FionaJr. Youth1 st$500.00Fall 20228/25/2022
Wurtz, GretaJr. Youth2 nd$300.00Fall 20228/25/2022
Down, HaydenJr. Youth3 rd$200.00Fall 20228/25/2022
Wurtz, GretaJr. Youth1 st$500.00Spring 20223/27/2022
Cox, AddisonJr. Youth2 nd$300.00Spring 20223/27/2022
Downs, HaydenJr. Youth3 rd$200.00Spring 20223/27/2022
Webster, MiaSr. Youth1 st$500.00Spring 20223/27/2022
Scow, JakeSr. Youth2 nd$300.00Spring 20223/27/2022
Harlan, LoganSr. Youth3 rd$200.00Spring 20223/27/2022
Brown, BrennaSr. Youth1st$ 500.00ICHA8/26/2021
Downs, HaydenJr. Youth2nd$ 300.00ICHA8/26/2021
Keffer, AidynSr. Youth2nd$ 300.00ICHA8/26/2021
Norquist, OwenSr. Youth3rd$ 200.00ICHA8/26/2021
Rhyner, FionaJr. Youth1st$ 500.00ICHA8/26/2021
Harlan, LoganSr. Youth1st$500ICHA Spring 20213/28/2021
Porter, TaylorSr. Youth2nd$300ICHA Spring 20213/28/2021
Sterling, ClaireSr. Youth3rd$200ICHA Spring 20213/28/2021
O'Rouke, TavianJr. Youth1st$500ICHA Spring 20213/28/2021
Knight, SevenJr. Youth2nd$300ICHA Spring 20213/28/2021
Williams, KyleeJr. Youth3rd$200ICHA Spring 20213/28/2021
Clark, GavinSr. Youth1st$500ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, MiaSr. Youth2nd$300ICHA August 20208/20/2020
McCracken, SamSr. Youth3rd$200ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Showalter, FaithJr. Youth1st$500ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, PaytonJr. Youth2nd$300ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, NylahJr. Youth3rd$200ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, MiaSr. Youth
1st $500ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Jacobson, FaithSr. Youth 2nd/3rd Split$250ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Hiner, TiceSr. Youth 2nd/3rd Split$250ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Showalter, Faith Jr. Youth
1st $500ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Sterling, Claire
Jr. Youth 2nd $300 ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Elrod, Ryan
Jr. Youth 3rd $200ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Jacobson, Faith

Sr. Youth1st$500ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Webster, Mia
Sr. Youth2nd$300ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Allred, Anna
Sr. Youth3rd$200ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Elrod, Ryan
Jr. Youth1st$500ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Brockett, Kiersten
Jr. Youth2nd$300ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Brockett, ColtonJr. Youth3rd$200ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Nicholson, Tyler
Sr. Youth
$200ICHA Spring 2017
Allen, ShelbieSr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Jacobson, Faith
Sr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Webster, Mia
Jr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Porter, Taylor
Jr. Youth
ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Brocket, Kiersten
Jr. Youth
ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Kerr, Kyle15-18 Age GroupBest of Show$250Western Heritage Art Program9/17/2016
Wadsworth, Noelle15-18 Age GroupReserve Show$150Western Heritage Art Program9/17/2016
Wadsworth, Noelle15-18 Age GroupPeople's Choice$100Western Heritage Art Program9/17/2016
Finney, Corrie
Sr. Youth
ICHA Spring 20163/26/2016
Scilacci, Rory Sr. Youth 2nd $100ICHA Spring 2016 3/26/2016
Nicholson, TylerSr. Youth 3rd $50ICHA Spring 2016 3/26/2016
Allred, Dan Jr. Youth
1/2 Split $150ICHA Spring 2016 3/26/2016
Young, Taytin Jr. Youth 1/2 Split $150ICHA Spring 2016
Gould, Carson
Jr. Youth 3rd $50ICHA Spring 20163/26/2016
Peak, Aspen
15-18 Age GroupBest of Show$1,000Western Heritage Art Program10/17/2015
Dean, Sarah
15-18 Age GroupPeople's Choice$500Western Heritage Art Program10/17/2015
Cook, Diana
15-18 Age GroupReserve Show$750Western Heritage Art Program10/17/2015
Scilacci, RorySr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Diderickson, R.J.Sr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Porter, MadisenSr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Garfinkle, JessyJr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Allred, DanJr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Garcia, TamaraJr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Didericksen, R.J.Sr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Beumeler, JaneySr. Youth 2nd $100ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Jacobson, FaithJr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Brown, BaylieJr. Youth 2nd$100ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Waldren, KaceeSr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Didericksen, R.J.Sr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Pace, DustinSr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Shott, MadelineJr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Nicholson, TylerJr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013

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