June 29, 2014

BBQ Judges Training Class

As part of your class you will receive instruction in scoring, procedures, allowed and disallowed display techniques, and actual scoring (while eating) sample entries in all four of the Taste of Idaho BBQ categories. After scoring each meat, scores will be discussed and you will receive feedback that will help you to more systematically score entries and understand the process.
If you are a new competitor, get some real insights into what constitutes a winning entry in the judge’s eyes, and what they are looking for. Judges will learn to examine several criteria’s during the blind judging process: Appearance, Tenderness and Taste (the most critical of all the criteria’s. Judges will discover how the spices (dry rubs) and sauces (wet, if used) should complement their meats rather than overpower the taste of the meat. Tenderness & Doneness, the meat should not lose textural integrity when pinched between two fingers and should not fall off of the bone. As well as a variety of presentation styles relating to competition Turn In Boxes.
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