February 17, 2015

Gabrielle Sanborn Scholarship Cutting

The Annual Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Scholarship Cutting takes place at the ICHA Spring Weekend Show in March, at the Idaho Horse Park Arena. This Youth Scholarship Cutting is offered both days of the Weekend Show, and entering is easy. Prizes and scholarships will be awarded for both Jr. & Sr. Youth, based on points, but you must be entered both days.
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Gabrielle was just 20 years old when she left this earth for another journey, but not before she had graced this planet with her layers of talent. She had accomplished in her lifetime gifts that will linger with those who knew and loved her without end. She was an amazing artist, with both life and music, playing 5 instruments. Her free spirit showed through with the way she could pull together eccentric fashion and decorating rooms with her own funky eclectic style. She was someone who instantly made you feel comfortable just being with her and most importantly just being yourself. These are all qualities instilled within that come from living on the land and being involved with horses. Gabrielle was introduced to Cutting by her grandmother Gina Macdonald. Gina has been a longtime board member and the contestant with the ICHA and has been involved with horses most of her life.
Gina, like so many of us parents/grandparents, find themselves devoted to finding something to keep our children/grandchildren grounded. Something to teach them responsibility for their actions and self-worth, something to teach them to be happy being themselves; because, being yourself is all you need to know to get you through life. Gina knew same as all of us who have grown up with horses and agriculture, being connected with the earth is what keeps you grounded and helps you discover who you really are, and there is no faster way of doing this than being involved with horses. Knowing who you are is what gives you direction in your life and the spirit of the horse is often your guide.
Gabbe found the magic in horses, a love she shared with her grandmother. Horses mirror the inner you and teach you things about yourself that you would not learn otherwise. The trust they show you is exactly how much trust you have given them and often how much trust you have in yourself. They read your inner thoughts and know when you are scared, sad, excited, and nervous and will react accordingly. For many of us, the spirit of the horse and what they offer to our inner soul's is a mystery. It is an unexpected gift that gives us peace that we didn’t even know we were in need of. What we do with this gift once we find it is pertinent to everything that comes after.
This March we choose to honor Gabbe and the spirit of the horse that gifted her with peace and left her family with gentle memories that will linger in their hearts for a lifetime. Join us in this celebration during the ICHA Weekend Show.

Thank You to all who have donated to help keep our youth grounded with equine and agriculture!

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[thrive_tab headline="Prizes 2018" no="1/3"]Available to both the Jr. & Sr. Youth
1st Place
Skyline Vaquero Buckles
2nd Place
Big D Stable Sheets
3rd Place
Big D Arena Bags[/thrive_tab]
[thrive_tab headline="Scholarships" no="2/3"]Available to both the Jr. & Sr. Youth
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
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You can sign up HERE for the cutting

Visit the www.IdahoCHA.com site[/tab_item]

[tab_item title="Rules"]
Youth must be members of the Idaho Cutting Horse Association
Open to any ICHA youth member entered into the sanctioned ICHA Gabrielle Sanborn Youth memorial scholarship cuttings.
Must be entered both days to qualify. You need not place both days, but the winners will be placed for the highest combined scores for both days.
Scholarships will be voted on and awarded based on funds available before the event by the panel of Gold Buckle Champion.
Scholarships are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in both Sr. Youth and Jr. Youth
Scholarships represent no cash value.
Scholarships will become void if winners are not enrolled in an accredited institution by their 21st birthday.
Scholarships can only be issued to an institution.
Accreditation of institutions will be judged by the panel of Gold Buckle Champion.[/thrive_tab]


Gabrielle Sanborn Donations

BarbiMadgwickMelba, Idaho2015
Jim, Jessica, & Sarah ReidEagle, Idaho2016
Alex & GinaMacdonaldSun Valley, Idaho2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Bob & AnnHuldenUnion, Oregon2015

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Gabrielle Sanborn Donations 2014

D&B Supply
Alex & GinaMacdonald
Darcy & ScottMartin
RES Sports Boots

Diamond A Cowboy
Elaine White
Kade Smith
Switchback Cutting Horses
Riverbend Ranch – Frank & Belinda Vandersloot
Montana Ranch of Bigfork
Dave & Sandy Saby
Greg & ChrisSmith
Tony Bott
Jody Cada
Deanna Leigh
Tyler Nicholson

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