February 29, 2016

Grand Opening Drawing Winners


Thank you to everyone who came to make our grand opening at Karcher Mall so successful!

A special thanks to Councilwoman Sandi Levi and Nampa Chamber's Debbie Kling and Steve Weston. Your kind words and encouragement will help us succeed in bringing more to our community.

If you missed the grand opening and unveiling of Robin Cox's newest piece of Shelly Wilcox and Goose, "Stampede Prayers",  come by to see it while it is still on display!


We had a special drawing for prints from our volunteering artists; Lisa Bower, Robin Cox, and Angela Stout, and a free art class.
Congratulations! The winners of the drawing are:

    • Beulah Wagoner
    • Yolanda Elkin
    • Cindy Castleberry
    • Darlene Irvin
    • Judi Thompson
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