June 28, 2016

People's Choice Awards 2016

We want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this year’s contest a rewarding and promising art contest for all students with a desire to expand their art academics.  The art submissions were delightful and very reflective of our Western Heritage – a sense of pride in craftsmanship and depiction of western culture.
We had 34 entries into our contest that have been juried and will win prizes.  We want to demonstrate that art is subjective and everyone's opinion is different.  Therefore we all ways take the top in each category on tour for a people's choice award.  Please vote on your choice for each age group.
Click on each of the age groups to vote.
You can view the juried winners HERE

Age group of 6-10 year olds.

[cg_gallery id="2"]


Click HERE for Age group of 11-14 year olds


Click HERE for Age group of 15-18 year olds


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