June 25, 2014

Robin Hewitt


Boise, ID - United States
Robin was born and raised in Clayton, Delaware. She grew up helping her family as commercial fishermen and crabbers on Chesapeake Bay. She spent many days in the country riding ponies, bikes and fishing in the neighbor's ponds and creeks.
Robin was president of the Smyrna High School Art Club for 2 years and has many awesome memories of her high school Art teacher, Mr. Shotzberger.  With the exception of art classes in high school, Robin is self-taught without any formal art education.
She moved to Idaho in 1997 and has called Boise, Idaho her home for over 10 years.
Robin stepped away from artwork for many years, since re-focusing on her artwork; she had trouble finding a style or medium that she was comfortable with. She played with a few ideas; among them, acrylic and soft pastels. Then, she was lucky enough to enter a monthly draw-a-long contest online on a website called DeviantArt, where you could only use ballpoint pen for your medium.
That was it….. She was hooked. Ballpoint pen (BIRO) is now her medium of choice and she absolutely loves what she can do with the layers and pressures of using a ballpoint pen. Although she'll draw anything in BIRO, horses are her favorite subject. She's also partial to almost all wild animals with her favorites being wolves, elk and deer.
She states “What I would love more than anything else to accomplish with my artwork is to have people be drawn into my picture. It could be the tiniest of detail that grabs that person’s attention….. And you are mine…. If only for a second. “
Artist Statement
Capturing small moments of life on paper and canvas using a variety of mediums enables Robin Hewitt to showcase unique perspectives of the world around her. She specializes in fine-line illustrations, BIRO, ballpoint pen inks and a mixture of abstract approaches to dimension, concepts, and fantasy. Known for breathtaking detail and artistic interpretation, each masterful piece in her portfolio is a singular experience. They are a profound testament to the chaotic balance of our world.
"Capturing life's essence through ballpoint pen"


"From an artist's point of view, Robin's artwork is outstanding. Her attention to fine detail is exquisite, as well as her attention to the overall picture.  Each piece I have seen has a story that draws the viewer into it . Her awareness of good composition and value range makes each work of art a masterpiece.  Anyone who purchases or even views Robin's beautiful artwork in person, gains a memorable experience.
"As a gallery owner, I highly recommend Robin Hewitt as a featured artist. She is very professional, going the extra mile to make sure that the gallery has everything it needs for set up and promotion of the show. Her communication is excellent and timely. She is a friendly and informative host, engaging the viewers, and educating them to her methods. Having Robin exhibit her art at my gallery was a wonderful experience and I would gladly have her here again any time!"
- Amy VanGaasbeck, Owner
The Dancing Elephant Gallery
1788 Main St.
Baker City, OR 97814


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