May 23, 2017

Stampede Festival Horse 4th Place


You are welcome Mrs. Craw, and 
Thank YOU for being such an amazing teacher!

Many teachers try very hard to make an impact on their students, but most don't realize if their efforts are ever recognized.  Melody Craw from Purple Sage was one of those teachers.
Mrs. Craw tries to find the "passion button" for each child.  The button she can push to make them shine, the one to reach them on a higher level, to help them reach their highest potential.   Dylan was one of those students. She was a good student but Melody never found a passion button to push for her.  This child was reserved when it came to interacting and interjecting in discussions in class, and she knew that Dylan had so much more to offer.
Fourth place in the 2016 Festival Horse contest went to Dylan Garrett-Wilson of Purple Sage Elementary who was 10 years old.  The "button" came with the Stampede Festival Horses project. Once Dylan won, she had affirmation that she knew she had something to offer.   Mrs. Craw said she saw a wonderful transformation in Dylan and realized that art was the button she had been missing.
The winners of the contest get to pick how they want the money spent and Dylan chose Mrs. Craw as her inspiration.  All of Melody's efforts had been recognized!  She then realized that art was a great tool to keep to reach other students.  With the money, she bought art supplies....Lots of them!

Dear Gold Buckle Champion,
Thank you so much for running your "Legends in the Making" program, and for teaching kids that they can make a difference!  I am so impressed with your program, and I am thrilled that I got to be a recipient of an award.  I purchased art projects and supplies that I can now do with my class, including enough tie dye to last the next 4 years.  You are amazing!  Thank you so much!!!
Sincerely, Melody Craw


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