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2016 Western Heritage Art Contest Awards

Awards for our 2016 Art Contest will be presented on September 17th (Saturday). There were three “classes” of award. Best of Show Ages 15 – 18, Best of Show Ages 11 – 14, Best of Show Ages 6 – 10

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2016 Western Heritage Art Contest Results

We want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this year’s contest a rewarding and promising art contest for all students with a desire to expand their art academics.  The art submissions were delightful and very reflective of our Western Heritage – a sense of pride in craftsmanship and depiction […]

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First Friday Karcher Mall

The May 6th was a great kick off for Gold Buckle Champion’s “Art of Building a Community” First Friday year around events at Karcher Mall! The Art of Building a Community is geared to seek, discover, inspire, and explore creativity in all its forms.   Here are some of the activities that we would like […]

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Thank you Lisa for being a great teacher!

Lisa Bower - Project Manager

Hello Lisa: I just wanted to let you know that I have been thrilled with the art class that you have been presenting to our group of home school children. I have three children attending the class: Naomi is seventeen and has sketched for as long as I can remember, but has not done too many […]

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Art of Building a Community

Join us in building our community through art!  Classes have started, and more to follow! Class schedules have been updated!  View the schedule HERE.  Sign up now!  Class sizes are limited!  (Click on “Show more Sign Ups” to see all that is available)Gold Buckle Champion teaches the fundamentals of art to everyone for free.  This is a 16 […]

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Stampede Community Festival Horse Project

Art of Building a Community By our actions, we wish to demonstrate the legendary proceedings of the men and women, unafraid of hard work, who founded the west, and the lifestyle that gave them the courage it took to endure its hardships and lead them to a better life. In the 1800’s every large ranch held […]

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