Sue Marostica

Sue Marostica is a native to Idaho, whose family has been involved in ranching and logging in Idaho for five generations. She and her husband Vic, have raised two daughters and two nieces that have held numerous queen titles in the Treasure Valley and was instrumental in developing the original Snake River Stampeder’s performing at the NFR in Las Vegas and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sue has served on the board of directors for Miss Rodeo Idaho, the Eh-Capa Bareback Riders, and District II High School Rodeo, and maintains several websites and several equine publications producing articles about Idaho, horses, and our western heritage.

Sue was the Treasurer/Secretary of the Idaho Cutting Horse Association as well as the Futurity & Aged Event Coordinator for all of the ICHA events for over 8 years.

She is currently the Executive Director for Gold Buckle Champion, dedicated to furthering the education of equine health and safety, while preserving our western heritage and history by promoting equine events that incorporate the youth and community.
As the ED for Gold Buckle Champion, she has helped develop several scholarship and reward programs for the youth;

  1. “Legends in the Making” is a rewards/scholarship program to teach our youth life skills that they can use in everyday life.  They earn points that they can later buy scholarships and other merits in an auction.
  2. “Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Memorial Scholarship” for youth who participate in equine events.
  3. "Art of Building a Community" to promote creativity in our youth for solutions for our tomorrow.

Developing Gold Buckle Champion as a non-profit came naturally with all the rewarding projects that she has worked on in the community. 

Position Description: Gold Buckle Champion Executive Director

Responsibilities Leadership & Management:

 Fundraising & Communications:

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