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The conception of the Gold Buckle Champions was created by Sue Marostica and Corey Fagan, after working for several years as Coordinators for the Idaho Cutting Horse Association.  Getting the community involved and helping other nonprofits like Toys for Tots, the Nampa Fire Department Burn Out Fund, and  Ride for Joy were just a few of the pleasures of putting on these cutting events.  Expanding this process to include other horse events, other communities, and our youth was a natural.

If you would like to have Gold Buckle Champion help you host an event, or help plan your event in your community, or find out how you can get involved,  please contact either Sue or Lisa to find out how we can help you.

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By our actions, we wish to demonstrate the legendary proceedings of the men and women, unafraid of hard work, who founded the west, and the lifestyle that gave them the courage it took to endure its hardships and lead them to a better life.

Our signature event, Gold Buckle Champion’s – “Legends in the Making” – challenges individuals of school age ( 6-21) to make a difference in their community and to keep the spirit that made our forefathers and their legendary actions alive.

From art to music, cultural beliefs and customs, the generations have changed rapidly. Our forefather’s generations were more independent. They had to be since it was their responsibility to make something good out of themselves. They were not spoon fed. They had to think and do for themselves. In that time period you either took care of what needed to be done or went without… worse case scenario… died from starvation or exposure.

We feel part of our decline is due to the virtual society that we live in and teaching is concentrated on the left brain hemisphere. The right brain is creativity, but it is also recall and problem-solving. Teaching to create something that children can put their name to instills pride in accomplishment. Teaching that everyone can make a difference is our direction. You are directly responsible for your success and the success of your community.

The newer generations are not taught to be responsible for their actions or their successes, as with “no child left behind”. They feel like they are authorized on everything and can easily give up from doing something that requires some extra effort or concentration, but still feel they should be able to reap the rewards. They have been primed to always expect things to be done for them and it is truly affecting us on how we go about in our day-to-day activities. Our young people are growing into adults without problem-solving skills. Where will we be when no one has these skills left to pass on?

Aesop’s Fable from 600 BC, The Ant and the Grasshopper, seems as appropriate today as it was then. Life is not always about living for pleasures, you must work for what you need, and you cannot expect that someone else will do the work for you. We strive to teach that we are never too old or too young to accomplish anything we desire, what really matters is if you are willing to pay the price of your goal.

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