The conception of the Gold Buckle Champions was created by Sue Marostica and Corey Fagan, after working for several years as Coordinators for the Idaho Cutting Horse Association.  Getting the community involved and helping other nonprofits like Toys for Tots, the Nampa Fire Department Burn Out Fund, and  Ride for Joy were just a few of the pleasures of putting on these cutting events.  Expanding this process to include other horse events, other communities, and our youth was a natural.

If you would like to have Gold Buckle Champion help you host an event, or help plan your event in your community, or find out how you can get involved,  please contact either Sue or Lisa to find out how we can help you.

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The horse is a valuable tool in pouring a foundation for raising our youth. Kids who are raised in the agriculture and equine sectors are seldom in trouble, they’re grounded, have a sense of self-worth, and rely on their experiences to make a difference in their community. Our 5 year goal is to develop a greenhouse with an area for charity events, art classes, and cooking classes.  

Our plans are to incorporate an equine facility to take in retired performance horses to use for other charities like Ride for Joy, Horses for Heroes, and for children with developmental problems.

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