2019 Gabrielle Sanborn Scholarship ICHA Cutting
Thank you to everyone who made all of this possible!Thank you Laurie Errington at scootemnshootem photography for the great photos! Thank[...]
Gabrielle Sanborn Memorial Scholarship Cutting 2019
March 20-24th, 2019Ford Idaho CenterNampa, IdahoIt is time for our annual ICHA Gabrielle Sanborn Memorial Scholarship Cutting during the ICHA[...]
Gabrielle Sanborn Memorial Scholarship Cutting
It is time for our annual ICHA Gabrielle Sanborn Memorial Scholarship Cutting during the ICHA Spring Show at the Ford[...]
Gold Buckle Champion Dummy Roping Contest
1st Annual Dummy Roping Competition Benefiting the First Responders Miracle Fund & Firefighters Burn Out Friday Night July 14th, 2017[...]
Stampede Festival Horse 2nd Place
Class field trips are not funded by the schools and the parents cannot be asked for a fee to send[...]
Stampede Festival Horse 4th Place
Many teachers try very hard to make an impact on their students, but most don't realize if their efforts are[...]
2016 Western Heritage Art Contest Awards
Best of Show Ages 15 - 18Best of Show Ages 11 - 14Best of Show Ages 6 - 10Awards for[...]
People's Choice Awards 2016
We want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this year’s contest a rewarding and[...]
Stampede Festival Horse Contest
Congratulations to all the kids who  decorated horses for the Stampede Festival Contest!  We have some amazing talent in our[...]
2016 Western Heritage Art Contest Results
We want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this year's contest a rewarding and[...]
Gold Buckle Champion Western Heritage Art Project
The Art of Building a Community (Scroll to the bottom to buy horses) Gold Buckle Champion is excited to introduce[...]
Winners of the Dummy Roping Contest
We are very excited to welcome a new group to our "Legends in the Making" Program.   Kids from all[...]
Western Heritage Art Project Winners
We are pleased to announce that after months of competition, the winners from each of the category divisions in our[...]
Gabrielle Sanborn Scholarship Cutting
The Annual Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Scholarship Cutting takes place at the ICHA Spring Weekend Show in March, at the Idaho[...]
Gold Buckle Champion BBQ for Gem State Rodeo Association
Gold Buckle Champion, Idaho Cutting Horse Association, and Peterson Stampede Dodge are proud to host this event at the ICHA[...]
Elks Helldorado Western Exceptionals
It’s time for thundering hooves in downtown Las Vegas! Join us May 16-19 as we celebrate our Western Heritage Helldorado[...]
Gold Buckle Champions Western Exceptionals
Gold Buckle Champions is excited to announce it's first of five events planned for 2013, Western Exceptionals. This event will take[...]
Gold Buckle Champions Reaches Internationally!
The Idaho Tourism Association, with Nancy Richardson, reached a German documentary company and brought 6 teens from Germany to learn[...]
Dave Hack Custom Chaps Donated for ICHA/UCHA Youth Scholarship
ICHA / UCHA Youth Scholarship Program The Idaho Cutting Horse Association and the Utah Cutting Horse Association recognize that the[...]
A Resolution for 2011.... Inspiring the Champion in You
by Corey Fagan Gold Buckle Champion is welcoming in the New Year and ready to make a huge difference by[...]
Legends in the Making
When American cowboys of the 1800's ran cattle together on open ranges, they gathered each year to separate their herds[...]
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