The Art of Building a Community

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Gold Buckle Champion is excited to introduce two projects for our 2nd annual Western Heritage Art Competition for prizes and scholarships.
The first project is open to school age kids in Idaho.
In Jan 2015, Idaho ranked amongst the lowest in education and per-pupil spending.  Art has been dropped from early education and offered only at the high school level.   Educators are focused on developing the academics which does not allow the brain to fully develop its greatest potential.  We are confident that with our efforts we can help these kids develop both sides of their brain, to help with recall, analytics, problem-solving, and retention.
Our program gathers volunteer artists to teach the principles and fundamentals of art to volunteers and parents to go to the schools and teach art on a regular basis. We also offer art classes at our location at Karcher Mall for students and volunteers free of charge.
All of the art projects the kids submit are judged and have the opportunity to win scholarships and prizes to further their art interests and education.
Scholarships for best of show, reserve, and people's choice, and more in prizes for the top 3 in each category.
The second project is with the Stampede Festival Horses.  All the businesses and individuals of Nampa and Treasure Valley are encouraged to show their support by displaying a decorated horse to show the strength of our community. These are not just limited to business and everyone is encouraged to participate. Gold Buckle Champion is willing to custom decorate these horses for each business for a donation to our “Legends in the Making” program, which rewards our youth and charities for doing positive things in our community.
We started this project with offering this for kids to decorate to win a classroom makeover. Judging for the kids’ horses is voted on by the community. Four teachers/youth groups in our area will win cash prizes for much-needed projects and supplies, to further the education of our children.  Prizes values will be determined by the sale of the horses.
All horses will be auctioned/sold and the proceeds will go back to Gold Buckle Champion to fund this project and projects like “Legends in the Making”

“We are excited to present our Western Heritage in Art in the form of interpretation from our youth.  Many of the art forms from our western heritage resulted from the original recycle program. Everything was repurposed and reused and nothing went to waste; leather into saddles and garments, horse hair into belts and reins, plants and seeds into dyes for paints and clothing, and used clothing into quilts, and the list goes on”, quoted Executive Director Sue Marostica

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The drive for this project came from fact that Idaho’s education is ranked amongst the lowest in the U.S.  Economics have forced most of the arts out of the schools, which we feel is part of the low academic scores in our area. According to the PBS Kids Org, skills learned from the arts are critical in all aspects of learning. It has become a mantra in No Child Left Behind education that, with its pressure to raise test scores, has reduced classroom time devoted to the arts (and everything else besides reading and math). This is supported by contention but the reality is more complex. Arts education has been slipping for more than three decades, the result of tight budgets, an ever-growing list of state mandates that have crammed the classroom curriculum, and a public sense that the arts are lovely but not essential.
With the monetary focus of the budget being on left brain reading and arithmetic, it makes it harder for children to learn.  The right brain focuses on things like music, color, images, intuition, and creativity.  Children who learn to develop both sides of their brains equally are more inventive, become problem solvers, and have an improved academic performance.
 Americans for the Arts state that young people who participate regularly in the arts (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair, or to win an award for writing an essay or poem, than children who do not. Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. The children of affluent, aspiring parents generally get exposed to the arts whether or not public schools provide them. Low-income children, often, do not. Arts education enables those children to have a more level playing field with children who have had those enrichment experiences.

One of the volunteering artists, Angela Stout, explained her reasons for getting involved, “As a teacher, I was feeling the need to share my knowledge with local students, and heard that the Gold Buckle organization was looking for artists to help them teach the Western Heritage ideals to inspire young artists. What a great opportunity! Though my personal art style is very abstract, and may not be considered necessarily western, the Western Heritage goal of "renew and reuse" is something I feel passionate about. Being an art teacher for more than 12 years, gives me a knowledge base in many styles of creating art, and I feel I can contribute greatly to the Gold Buckle organization. The morals and sense of community that is the heritage of a western upbringing can and should be expressed in art. I look forward to helping out in any way I can.”

The winners of the art contest, along with the art from the artists who inspired them will be displayed at several events during this year.
The Stampede Festival has endorsed this project for its western heritage preservation by providing our youth with horses to decorate to be auctioned in May for our youth program.  In the 1800’s every large ranch held a rodeo or a cutting and invited the entire community out to be involved.  With this came the original community networking celebration where everyone shared their wares, which we will experience in full force this July in downtown Nampa.
All the businesses of Nampa are encouraged to show their support by placing a decorated horse out in front of their business to show the strength of our community.  Gold Buckle Champion is willing to custom decorate these horses for each business for a donation to our “Legends in the Making” program, which rewards our youth for doing positive things in their community.

“We want this to be a true example of our western heritage and the community involvement that made this country, and made us strong. We want to include as many Artists, Contestants, Sponsors, and Volunteers as possible and let them be our inspiration.” said Executive Director, Sue Marostica

Gold Buckle Champions is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization….to further the education of equine health and safety, while preserving our western heritage and history, by promoting equine events that incorporate the youth and community.  Daring everyone to Imagine the Champion within themselves.
Please consider contributing to this tax-deductible cause

Select below to see how you can get involved!

[tab_item title="HORSES IN AUCTION"]Our artists have decorated a wide variety of horses that are ready for you to buy, and many are from the classroom makeover contest.  All the proceeds go to our "Legends in the Making" program.  This program supports our classroom makeovers, team trips, and scholarships.  Look at all the different choices and place your bids HERE [/tab_item]
[tab_item title="I WANT TO BUY A WOODEN HORSE"]Your support goes not to just Gold Buckle Champion but to the youth of your community.  Please show your support and get involved to make your community one of the best. To buy a horse that is ready, click on the Horses in Auction tab.[vfb id=1] [/tab_item]
[tab_item title="SPONSORS"] Please contact us as to how you can get involved and how we can help promote you as well. [vfb id=7]
[tab_item title="HORSES SOLD"]

snow pony
Artist Lisa Bower
Thank you Les Schwab Tires
purple heartThank You Peterson's Stampede Dodge for purchasing the Purple Heart
CowboysThank You Peterson's Stampede Dodge for purchasing "Cowboy"
Kiwanis 2015Thank you Melissa Close for purchasing this for the Nampa Kiwanis Club
Thank you Melissa Close for purchasing this for the Nampa Fire Department
Fire Department 2015Thank you Melissa Close for purchasing this for the Nampa Fire Department
CowboyThank you Melissa Close for purchasing "Country" to show your support of our Community
File_002Thank you Mary Villarreal for purchasing this horse to support our community!
File_003Thank you Mary Villarreal for purchasing this horse by artist Robin Cox for our projects!
Thank You Les Schwab Tires for purchasing the School Makeover Winner and sponsoring the Dummy Roping Contest
Blue & orangeThank You Julene Dodd for supporting our youth and community!
John Deere 2015Thank You Dan Campbell and Campbell Tractor for supporting our "Legends in the Making"
BudwiserThank you Chris for purchasing Budweiser for our community
Book of LifeThank You Andy Rodriquez for purchasing "Book of Life" to show your support of our Community
NHA CustomThank You Andy Rodriquez and Nampa Housing Authority for showing your support for our community.
Thank you Les Schwab Tires
Artist Angela Stout - Paintings by AKS
Thank you Peterson's Stampede Dodge
Artist Sue Marostica
Thank you Peterson's Stampede Dodge
Artist Robin Cox
Thank you Peterson's Stampede Dodge

We are very excited to welcome a new group to our "Legends in the Making" Program.   Kids from all over Treasure Valley and even as far away as Texas competed in 4 different groups for some amazing prizes.
Thank you to our Sponsors; Louis L Borick Foundation, Les Schwab Tires of Nampa, and Campbell Tractor of Nampa

Girls 6 & Under1st Abilene Joslin
Buckle & Cactus Rope Hat
2nd Cassidy Burlie
Cactus Rope Triple Rope Bag & Rope
3rd Preslee Seal
Red Single Rope Bag & Rope
girls 6 under
Boys 6 & Under1st Kreece Powell
Buckle & Cactus Rope Hat
2nd Riley Steele
Cactus Rope Triple Rope Bag & Rope
3rd Grady Grubbs
Red Single Rope Bag & Rope
boys 6 under
Girls 7-91st Zuri Ximenz
Buckle & Cactus Rope Hat
2nd Madi Jo Steele
Cactus Rope Triple Rope Bag & Rope
girls 7-9
Boys 7-91st Tyler Tryan
Buckle & Cactus Rope Hat
2nd Sammy Saunders
Cactus Rope Triple Rope Bag & Rope
3rd Quintin Moffis
Red Single Rope Bag & Rope
boys 7-9

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The Annual Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Scholarship Cutting takes place at the ICHA Spring Weekend Show in March, at the Idaho Horse Park Arena. This Youth Scholarship Cutting is offered both days of the Weekend Show, and entering is easy. Prizes and scholarships will be awarded for both Jr. & Sr. Youth, based on points, but you must be entered both days.
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Gabrielle was just 20 years old when she left this earth for another journey, but not before she had graced this planet with her layers of talent. She had accomplished in her lifetime gifts that will linger with those who knew and loved her without end. She was an amazing artist, with both life and music, playing 5 instruments. Her free spirit showed through with the way she could pull together eccentric fashion and decorating rooms with her own funky eclectic style. She was someone who instantly made you feel comfortable just being with her and most importantly just being yourself. These are all qualities instilled within that come from living on the land and being involved with horses. Gabrielle was introduced to Cutting by her grandmother Gina Macdonald. Gina has been a longtime board member and the contestant with the ICHA and has been involved with horses most of her life.
Gina, like so many of us parents/grandparents, find themselves devoted to finding something to keep our children/grandchildren grounded. Something to teach them responsibility for their actions and self-worth, something to teach them to be happy being themselves; because, being yourself is all you need to know to get you through life. Gina knew same as all of us who have grown up with horses and agriculture, being connected with the earth is what keeps you grounded and helps you discover who you really are, and there is no faster way of doing this than being involved with horses. Knowing who you are is what gives you direction in your life and the spirit of the horse is often your guide.
Gabbe found the magic in horses, a love she shared with her grandmother. Horses mirror the inner you and teach you things about yourself that you would not learn otherwise. The trust they show you is exactly how much trust you have given them and often how much trust you have in yourself. They read your inner thoughts and know when you are scared, sad, excited, and nervous and will react accordingly. For many of us, the spirit of the horse and what they offer to our inner soul's is a mystery. It is an unexpected gift that gives us peace that we didn’t even know we were in need of. What we do with this gift once we find it is pertinent to everything that comes after.
This March we choose to honor Gabbe and the spirit of the horse that gifted her with peace and left her family with gentle memories that will linger in their hearts for a lifetime. Join us in this celebration during the ICHA Weekend Show.

Thank You to all who have donated to help keep our youth grounded with equine and agriculture!

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[thrive_tab headline="Prizes 2018" no="1/3"]Available to both the Jr. & Sr. Youth
1st Place
Skyline Vaquero Buckles
2nd Place
Big D Stable Sheets
3rd Place
Big D Arena Bags[/thrive_tab]
[thrive_tab headline="Scholarships" no="2/3"]Available to both the Jr. & Sr. Youth
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
[thrive_tab headline="Entering" no="3/3"]

You can sign up HERE for the cutting

Visit the site[/tab_item]

[tab_item title="Rules"]
Youth must be members of the Idaho Cutting Horse Association
Open to any ICHA youth member entered into the sanctioned ICHA Gabrielle Sanborn Youth memorial scholarship cuttings.
Must be entered both days to qualify. You need not place both days, but the winners will be placed for the highest combined scores for both days.
Scholarships will be voted on and awarded based on funds available before the event by the panel of Gold Buckle Champion.
Scholarships are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in both Sr. Youth and Jr. Youth
Scholarships represent no cash value.
Scholarships will become void if winners are not enrolled in an accredited institution by their 21st birthday.
Scholarships can only be issued to an institution.
Accreditation of institutions will be judged by the panel of Gold Buckle Champion.[/thrive_tab]


Gabrielle Sanborn Donations

BarbiMadgwickMelba, Idaho2015
Jim, Jessica, & Sarah ReidEagle, Idaho2016
Alex & GinaMacdonaldSun Valley, Idaho2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Bob & AnnHuldenUnion, Oregon2015

Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Memorial Scholarship Past Winners

NameYouth ClassPlacingAmountShowDate
Clark, GavinSr. Youth1st$500ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, MiaSr. Youth2nd$300ICHA August 20208/20/2020
McCracken, SamSr. Youth3rd$200ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Showalter, FaithJr. Youth1st$500ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, PaytonJr. Youth2nd$300ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, NylahJr. Youth3rd$200ICHA August 20208/20/2020
Webster, MiaSr. Youth
1st $500ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Jacobson, FaithSr. Youth 2nd/3rd Split$250ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Hiner, TiceSr. Youth 2nd/3rd Split$250ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Showalter, Faith Jr. Youth
1st $500ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Sterling, Claire
Jr. Youth 2nd $300 ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Elrod, Ryan
Jr. Youth 3rd $200ICHA Spring 20193/24/2019
Jacobson, Faith

Sr. Youth1st$500ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Webster, Mia
Sr. Youth2nd$300ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Allred, Anna
Sr. Youth3rd$200ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Elrod, Ryan
Jr. Youth1st$500ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Brockett, Kiersten
Jr. Youth2nd$300ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Brockett, ColtonJr. Youth3rd$200ICHA Spring 20183/25/2018
Nicholson, Tyler
Sr. Youth
$200ICHA Spring 2017
Allen, ShelbieSr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Jacobson, Faith
Sr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Webster, Mia
Jr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Porter, Taylor
Jr. Youth
ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Brocket, Kiersten
Jr. Youth
ICHA Spring 20173/26/2017
Kerr, Kyle15-18 Age GroupBest of Show$250Western Heritage Art Program9/17/2016
Wadsworth, Noelle15-18 Age GroupReserve Show$150Western Heritage Art Program9/17/2016
Wadsworth, Noelle15-18 Age GroupPeople's Choice$100Western Heritage Art Program9/17/2016
Finney, Corrie
Sr. Youth
ICHA Spring 20163/26/2016
Scilacci, Rory Sr. Youth 2nd $100ICHA Spring 2016 3/26/2016
Nicholson, TylerSr. Youth 3rd $50ICHA Spring 2016 3/26/2016
Allred, Dan Jr. Youth
1/2 Split $150ICHA Spring 2016 3/26/2016
Young, Taytin Jr. Youth 1/2 Split $150ICHA Spring 2016
Gould, Carson
Jr. Youth 3rd $50ICHA Spring 20163/26/2016
Peak, Aspen
15-18 Age GroupBest of Show$1,000Western Heritage Art Program10/17/2015
Dean, Sarah
15-18 Age GroupPeople's Choice$500Western Heritage Art Program10/17/2015
Cook, Diana
15-18 Age GroupReserve Show$750Western Heritage Art Program10/17/2015
Scilacci, RorySr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Diderickson, R.J.Sr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Porter, MadisenSr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Garfinkle, JessyJr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Allred, DanJr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Garcia, TamaraJr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20153/21/2015
Didericksen, R.J.Sr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Beumeler, JaneySr. Youth 2nd $100ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Jacobson, FaithJr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Brown, BaylieJr. Youth 2nd$100ICHA Spring 20143/23/2014
Waldren, KaceeSr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Didericksen, R.J.Sr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Pace, DustinSr. Youth3rd$50ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Shott, MadelineJr. Youth1st$200ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013
Nicholson, TylerJr. Youth2nd$100ICHA Spring 20133/21/2013

Gabrielle Sanborn Donations 2014

D&B Supply
Alex & GinaMacdonald
Darcy & ScottMartin
RES Sports Boots

Diamond A Cowboy
Elaine White
Kade Smith
Switchback Cutting Horses
Riverbend Ranch – Frank & Belinda Vandersloot
Montana Ranch of Bigfork
Dave & Sandy Saby
Greg & ChrisSmith
Tony Bott
Jody Cada
Deanna Leigh
Tyler Nicholson

Gold Buckle Champion, Idaho Cutting Horse Association, and Peterson Stampede Dodge are proud to host this event at the ICHA Aged Event and weekend show.  See more HERE
Gem State Rodeo Association (GSRA) is a youth rodeo organization in the Treasure Valley that has been serving the local community for several decades.  Many of Idaho’s top professional cowboys and cowgirls competed in the GSRA as youth, and continued their careers with much success. 

GSRA’s purpose and mission is that rodeo helps teach kids responsibility, sportsmanship, accomplishment, and provides valuable family time.  

With the changing times of the “technology” world we now live in, hands on activities for our youth are becoming harder and harder to find.  Rodeo is a sport that has kept generations of kids focused on individual goals, therefore less time for the rebellious activities which are too often seen.
Currently we have 150+ members from as far as Harper, Or to Boise, ID and everywhere in between ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old, competing in rodeo events in 8 divisions, 4 each for both boys and girls. GSRA holds 7 rodeos each year, typically between April and August in various locations. In recent years these have included the Idaho locations of  Star,  Homedale,  Caldwell,  Sand Hollow, Emmett,  and New Plymouth; and even in  Nyssa, Oregon!
Our contestants compete for day money and for cumulative season points which determine the season placement for each event and all around placement for each of our 8 divisions.  Mini Mite age 0-7, Pee Wee 8-10, Junior 11-13, and Senior 14-18. Our association holds several fundraisers throughout the year which allows GSRA to award a buckle to our season’s top placing contestant in each event/division plus additional awards for each of the remaining contestants rounding out the top 6 places. The coveted, all-around saddle is awarded to the top overall contestant and a reserve all around buckle for our 2nd place contestant in each division.
Awards are presented at our season ending banquet featuring a raffle and silent/ live auction of items donated by our member’s families and our sponsors.  It is quite a sight to see so many kids cheering on their friends, and enjoying their own personal achievements. 
Sponsor appreciation is listed in all GSRA advertising, featured on our website:, on day sheets, announcements at each rodeo, and shared regularly on Facebook, and other social media sites.  In addition, saddle and half saddle sponsor’s names will be engraved on the all-around saddles.
GSRA greatly appreciates your support in advancing our mission and your donations of any amount. Our first fundraiser will be held March 22 from 11am – 2pm at the Idaho Horse Park.  It will be a Texas style  BBQ in conjunction with the Idaho Cutting Horse Association Aged Event & Weekend Show.  GSRA will also have the Boone Bartlome raffle drawing set up…. $10/ticket for a Polaris 4-wheeler that was donated by District 2 High School Rodeo Assoc.  Outside we will have a dummy roping contest, where you can bring your kids to meet some of our current members and give the roping a swing while you’re at it!!
For sponsorship opportunities and more information contact Jessie Telford at (208) 869-8319 or [email protected]

Dummy Roping Contest:

Age Groups for both Boys & Girls: 5 & Under - 6-8, and 9-10
Entry Fee:  FREE come give it a try and meet some of the fabulous Gem State Rodeo team!
Rules:  Each contestant gets to rope three times.  Around the horns is 3pts, around the neck is 2pts, and half head is 1pt.  Who ever has the most points after three loops wins.
There will be a rope off for prizes if there is a tie.
Prizes for 1st place in all age groups!

It’s time for thundering hooves in downtown Las Vegas! Join us May 16-19 as we celebrate our Western Heritage Helldorado Style!

On May 16th this western community is calling all locals to experience a HUGE part of Vegas history!! Come on down to HELLDORADO DAYS held at 7th and Stewart, May 16th YOUR KIDS ADMISSION IS FREE … this is how our cowboys say thank you to the local community.
Come on down early! Children between the ages of 5-8, will be given a raffle ticket to the Gold Buckle Western Exceptionals, special seating will begin at 5:00 for all the participating schools to watch the pre-rodeo events with the rodeo starting at 7pm.
Raffle numbers will be called shortly after 5:00 pm and those kids will participate in a safe and fun pre-rodeo activity, all winning raffles will receive a prize and the winner of the event will receive a brand new Galaxy Tablet!!
Stay and experience the rodeo and so much more!


Come and you could win a Galaxy Tablet

Carnival.... Food... and Shopping!!
Hold on to your hats for Saturday May 18, GET READY for the HELLDORADO PARADE scheduled at 5pm. Directly after enjoy the PRCA Professional Rodeo at 8pm. 4 entire days of FUN THAT YOU WANT TO BE PART OF this year!! History is always in the making!!
exceptional rodeo

Gold Buckle Champions is excited to announce it's first of five events planned for 2013, Western Exceptionals.
This event will take place at the ICHA Weekend Show at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, Idaho on March 23, 2013 at 2:30 pm, following the Nampa Fire Department BBQ for their Burn-Out Fund.
The event is open to a maximum of 20 contestants with special needs, between the ages of 5 and 9.
Each contestant will receive:

We would like to thank the sponsors who were eager to help with our 1st Western Exceptionals at the ICHA Event March 23, at the Idaho Horse Park.
Find out how you can get involved.  Contact Christi Horton  208-861-7263

Gene Wood and team with Utah, Idaho, Wyoming Rodeo Committee. Thank you for your devotion to our heritage and your creativity.
exceptional rodeo

The Idaho Tourism Association, with Nancy Richardson, reached a German documentary company and brought 6 teens from Germany to learn to be a cowboy. While in Idaho they stayed with Brad Ford at the 4D Longhorn Ranch off Highway 55 on Idaho's scenic byway.
The 4D Ranch also caters to groups for corporate retreats, weddings and family reunions. Enjoy the clean, crisp mountain air, while at the same time learning the cowboy way of life. Some of the activities that are offered during your vacations or event at 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch are:

In addition to all of the western activities that they offer, you will also find a full function lodge complete with cards, poker table, pool table, horseshoe pits, mountain biking, hiking, and much more.
[nggallery id=6]
With the German student guests they learned to rope dummies all week, and then were treated to tickets to the world famous Snake River Stampede by the gracious SRS Board of Directors.  The German Documentary producer wanted to reward the group for all their hard efforts in learning how to rope with a special treat of roping with some of the SRS rodeo stars.  Tyler Shannon of Caldwell, Idaho and Jack Fisher of Ellensburg, Washington jumped up to volunteer their time to this fabulous group.  They were not the only rodeo stars to volunteer their time to show these kids that rodeo is not just a sport, but a lifestyle.  The cowboy mounted shooters also took the kids to a practice area and let them try their hand at shooting balloons with blanks.  The team definitively got what they needed to put together a great documentary for the German Public Television.
Special thanks to all that made this possible.  Good show Idaho!

ICHA / UCHA Youth Scholarship Program

The Idaho Cutting Horse Association and the Utah Cutting Horse Association recognize that the youth are our future. Our commitment to our youth is two-fold; to encourage & support them in the sport of cutting and to encourage each and every youth member to further their educational pursuits.
The ICHA/UCHA Youth Scholarship Program is an integral part of our focus on the youth.
Monies dedicated to the Youth Scholarship Fund are raised primarily by donations.
In addition to donations, scholarship funds are generated from the very popular and exciting Annual Youth Scholarship Program Auctions that are held each year during the ICHA Spring Aged Event in Nampa, Idaho in March, and the UCHA Futurity & Aged Event in Ogden, Utah in November.
100% of all Youth Scholarship Fund monies are awarded to our youth cutters.
Please join us to assist our youth of today in becoming the future of tomorrow!

Event Registration Online for 2012 ICHA Youth Scholarship Auction powered by Eventbrite

by Corey Fagan
Gold Buckle Champion logoGold Buckle Champion is welcoming in the New Year and ready to make a huge difference by rewarding our young leaders in the community. The kick off begins at the Idaho Cutting Horse Association’s Spring Aged Event, which will be held March 16-20, 2011 at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, Idaho. Part of our mission statement is to preserve what our precursors taught us, where neighbors came together to ensure each other’s survival.

With this concept we have developed a dynamic program designed to foster a helping-hand movement, a barn-building experience if you will, in our youth through a merit oriented program, thus preserving our western heritage, through horse sports and non-profit community activities.

This is definitely a program that you want to be a part of and that you don’t want to miss! On Saturday, March 19th, during the 2011 ICHA Spring Aged Event, Gold Buckle Champion will present “Legends in the Making” encouraging all school active, young leaders from ages 6 to 21, to begin a conscious journey over the next five months to get out there and make a difference. During this time all the participants will receive accumulative points for all the effort they put into the program.

They will be able to use these points to purchase prizes at an auction held during the 2011 September ICHA Futurity and Aged Event. 2011 ResolutionThe auction will hold amazing items donated by the community and Gold Buckle Champion.

The program is open to every child that wishes to participate. The great thing is…the more kids that get involved, the better the community will be for their efforts and the child will receive more points to use at the auction in September.

Everyone is encouraged to come out March 16th through the 20th and enjoy the incredible sport of cutting. Come out and watch these athletes get out there and do what they love best and what they have been bred and trained to do. If you have never been to the ICHA Spring Aged event held at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, Idaho consider this a “WARNING”, it can become addicting for all ages. As a spectator there are many exciting things to see and do while at the show. For one, shopping through “Vendor Trail” is a great shopping experience where you can find unique items to take home. All that shopping may leave you hungry for yummy food, prepared for you fresh, by chefs at the Idaho Center. On Saturday the 19th come out and get a sneak peek at the Idaho Preferred Farmers Markets from all over the Treasure Valley, this will give you an idea of what is available and maybe find some ideas that you haven’t tried yet.

Keep an eye out for educational clinics that will be held at different times throughout the show. Bring the kids out to enjoy the Family Old Fashioned Country Fair, enjoy the horseshoe pit, seed spitting contests, sack races, and good old fashioned Hershey S’mores while supporting your Local Police and Fire Departments. Tune into WOW Country 104.3 FM and pay close attention to Idaho’s local KTVB Channel 7 news for more details before and during the show.

If that isn’t enough, On March 19th Gold Buckle Champion will present “Legends in the Making” because we believe there is a champion in each and every one of us. The Year 2011 will blossom those “genuine champions” and show them in their true form! Look for them in your neighborhood, watch them as they clean up parks, encourage them as they help out at local non-profits, and spend time with the elderly lending a hand or reading a book.

Keep track of them as they further their education while trying new projects. Give them confidence as they expand their minds while joining in on different lessons held at different business locations in the community. These individuals shape our tomorrows and Gold Buckle Champion wants to celebrate them. The ICHA is passionate in supporting the future of our next generation and that is why you will find this kick off during the 2011 ICHA Spring Aged Event held at the Idaho Center in Nampa. This event will introduce you to a way of life that is exciting, wholesome, and demands heroes. Each and every sponsor of this program cares about our future and is ready to make a difference, to demand excellence and to keep the FUN in the mix. 2011 “I believe” will be remembered as the year of Champions. It is in each and every one of us, it is in our children, and it is going to be a great way to celebrate, encourage and Imagine the Champion in YOU.

When American cowboys of the 1800's ran cattle together on open ranges, they gathered each year to separate their herds from their neighbors.  This is what is called "Cutting".  Along with what naturally occurs when you bring a group of people working together, it turns into a competition.  From this we have seen many  "Legends" in the Cutting industry that give us inspiration to keep this, and all horse sports going.  The Cutting heritage runs strong and deep and has for centuries.   In the 1800's these were also grand social events and nothing much from that has changed today.  The ranchers gathered, there was a Cutting competition, and the families shared their stories and wares from the last gathering.  They shared crafts, recipes, and laughter.  They helped teach and guide the children and developed a strong community.
Our signature event, “Legends in the Making”, challenges individuals of school age, (6-21) to make a difference in their community and to keep the spirit that made our forefathers and their legendary actions alive.  They are encouraged to help where they can and come up with solutions to solve problems in their schools and communities. All goals set, are attainable, for participating youth who are learning to become outstanding community leaders as a team or by themselves.  This restores pride in themselves and their communities and instills in them a can-do attitude.
With technology and advancement, we no longer run herds together and most of the gathering and sorting is done with pickup trucks and squeeze chutes, but the social  heart of where cutting began lives on in all of the people involved and it is so strong that it will live on for many more generations to come.

Legends Application HERE 

A point system will be awarded based on a criteria set by the committee to award points during the time period between the March Aged Event and  the September Futurity. Points accumulated will be used at live auction to buy prizes and scholarships donated by individuals, the community and Gold Buckle Champion.   They may also contain services provided by leaders in our community, such as a day with a Veterinarian, Doctor, or Business leader.  The sky is the limit when coming up with ideas on what can be auctioned off.  These are all attainable goals  for  participating youth who are learning to become outstanding  community leaders as a team or by themselves.  Children without extraordinary notoriety will have as much an opportunity to gain as many points as their counterparts, sometimes more.
Points will be awarded for:
Student Body Offices - including but not limited to schools.  This can include your local FFA, 4-H, High School Rodeo, Dance, Gymnastics, etc.  If in doubt, ask!
1,000 points
Exemplary actions or ideas involving youth or the community.  This can be chairing a can food drive, coat drive, Toys for Tots , etc.  This list is not complete, show us what you can do!
1,000 points
Best use of Idaho Products - Points given for best use of Idaho product for manufacturing, recipes, crafts, etc.  The best ideas come from necessity.  The best food recipes will be awarded the "Gold Buckle Champion" Seal of approval and featured at one of the top restaurants.
500 points
Clinics - Points for giving a clinic on a craft or art form or a way to make things safer or easier.
500 points
Awards - points given for awards you have received from your church, school, or service organization.  Copies of originals will be honored.
250 points
Volunteer - Points given for each hour you have volunteered for a non-profit or service organization.  This can also include reading to the elderly in a nursing home, paint the town, Salvation Army bell ringer, etc. This list is not complete.. Give us your ideas on how you can make a difference.
50 points for every hourmust be documented by the organization leader.

Community Classes
- Points given for attending classes and seminars by participating businesses.  Take a class to broaden your horizons and win points for doing it.
25 Points for each class.  Click here for details on participating partners.
Communities Choice - Additional Points will be given based on extraordinary actions by opinion of the judging committee.

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